*Ankylosing spondylitis*

(AS) is an inflammatory disease that causes pain and stiffness in the spine, pelvis, and other joints, like the hips, knees, feet, and shoulders. AS is a chronic (lifelong) disease, and it is hereditary. Although a majority of people who have AS carry a gene called HLA-B27.

*How Can a Physical Therapist Help?*
Physical therapy will help improve your posture and joint mobility, reduce pain, and help you perform your everyday functional activities more easily. Your physical therapist may teach you:

*Posture Training* to improve your posture and help you avoid slouching or forward bending.

*Strengthening Exercises* to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles and help you maintain proper posture and walking, and perform your activities of daily living.

*Flexibility Exercises* to maintain and improve joint mobility. Exercises for your leg and chest muscles, and gentle range-of-motion exercises help keep the spine and other joints from getting stiff.

*Stretching Exercises* for the trunk muscles to improve chest expansion.

*Deep-Breathing Exercises* to improve chest expansion and help you breathe better. Improved breathing increases oxygen and blood flow in the body, which can help decrease stiffness, pain, and fatigue.

*Pain Management Techniques* , Such as using ice or heat packs and Electrotherapy to manage inflammation and pain & Inflammation.

*Individual Activities* to improve your functional ability and energy.

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